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WWII Wave Simulator


BCS Motion was recently approached by a client interested in building a World War II ship platform that would mimic the motion the ship would experience at sea. The  simulator system required control of the pitch, roll, and azimuth of the vintage 90 ton platform. The system would be used as part of a program to test and calibrate shipboard radar equipment.


BCS Motion engineers worked with expert vendors to create the simulator. To control the pitch and roll of the platform, BCS Motion integrated servo driven, high capacity linear actuators for the pitch and roll and a variable frequency drive (VFD) for the azimuth drive.

The servo motors, provided by Yaskawa, were 22kW and 30kW. The actuators, provided by E-Drive Actuators, were rated at 31,000 lbs. and 21,000 lbs. force.  The application demanded a Yaskawa full line regenerative system with dynamic braking to handle the energy, and mechanical brakes on the servo motors for safety.

A Yaskawa MP2300Siec motion controller provided sinusoidal motions to the 90 ton platform, and all machine control. A Proface IPC running a VB application served as the operating interface, and also provided the client with data collection.

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Control of the pitch, roll, and azimuth of the vintage 90 ton platform to create a vintage World War II wave simulator.

“The system performed flawlessly.  Pictures paint a thousand words.”